Advice sheets and Glossary

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Hello, and welcome to the Advice Sheets section of my website. Here, you will be able to find answers to many of your questions and detailed explanations for a number of electrical jobs.

Whether you’re an existing customer or a prospective client these sheets should be of use as they have been written in response to  frequently asked questions. Some explain the need for particular electrical systems within the home e.g. extractor fans and smoke alarms. Others explain procedures e.g. periodic inspection testing  or the replacement of a consumer unit. One is a glossary to help you understand the terms that your electrician, builder , architect or friend might use.

One parting piece of advice: If you are planning electrical work in your property follow the following rules:

Think carefully about what you want the system to do so that you can give the electrician a clear idea.
Enlist the help of a qualified electrician so that you get the high quality of workmanship and peace of mind that their qualifications afford.
Keep all the certificates, advice sheets, reports etc. safely in one place for future reference.
The rules and regulations that govern electrical installations are constantly changing. Let me do the hard work of keeping abreast of them...

Just click on the subject heading to be taken directly to the sheet...

            Sheet No.1            DEMAND TEST #1.doc

            Sheet No.2            CONSUMER UNIT #2.pdf

            Sheet No.3            LOFT CONVERSION #3.pdf

            Sheet No.4            BATHROOM ELECTRICS #4.pdf

            Sheet No.5            SMOKE ALARM #5.pdf

            Sheet No.6            GARDEN OFFICES AND GARDEN LIGHTING.pdf

            Sheet No.7            GLOSSARY #7.pdf