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Qualifications and certificates

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Listed below are the various certificates that I hold and that enable you to check my credentials. Click on any one of them to open a pdf file. They’re pretty self explanatory...

Magazines and television programmes are always asking us to check certificates so I thought the easiest way to show mine was by uploading them onto this website.

Feel free to open them- all of them if you like. They’re all traceable, authentic, qualifications. The insurance cover of £2,000,000 should be reassuring!    The City and Guilds BS2382-10 is the 17th edition qualification that all registered electricians must hold by the end of 2010. I got in early!

So consider these pieces of paper when you’re choosing an electrician. They’ve been paid for with late nights, hard work and hard currency!

              City and Guilds BS2350.pdf      City and Guilds BS2377.pdf

  City and Guilds BS2360.pdf        City and Guilds BS2382-10.pdf

  City and Guilds BS2391.pdf        Insurance documents

City and Guilds BS2380.pdf          NICEIC Registration.pdf