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Periodic Inspection Testing.

  1. This may be required because the property has never been tested. It is recommended that domestic properties are tested:

  2. -following change of ownership.

  3. -following damage to the property e.g. fire or flood, etc.

  4. -every 10 years.

  5. It is usual to carry out pretty detailed visual and meter testing on all of the circuits before replacing a fuse board. It’s a requirement of the ESQCR (2002) Regulations and a perfect opportunity to overhaul the installation.

Complete or Partial rewiring.

  1. If the property is really very old when you buy it, or it’s obvious that the sockets and wires are in poor condition, or if you are carrying out extensive works to the property and are significantly changing the design of the system then a full rewire may be called for.

  2. If the redevelopment work is less extensive or if it’s simply a matter of adding to an already healthy circuit then not every piece of wire has to be replaced, of course. Some parts may pass the testing and inspection procedure and can continue to give good service so that only a partial rewire is required. I can advise you on the best course of action.

New fuse boards. Extra power and lighting points.

  1. You may want to make modifications to the wiring in your house as your needs change. You could have a growing family, a need to work from home or to extend the building itself. I can help you with extra sockets and lights and tell you if more significant changes should to be made to the fuse board which lies at the heart of the electrical system.

  2. As time passes new Regulations are passed to make everyone’s life safer. This is as true for the electrician’s trade as for any other and is sometimes the case that a simple job requires additional work to bring an old, substandard, circuit or system up to date. I will tell you clearly what is needed to complete the work to the highest standards required.

Loft conversion, kitchen extension and new kitchen wiring.

  1. Extensive additions to a property require careful alterations to the wiring system. The electrician should advise you thoroughly on the effect that the increased demand for electricity will have on the existing system and there are a significant number of Building Regulation requirements that must be complied with if the Building Control Officer is to sign off the work. I have completed over 30 loft and kitchen extensions in the last 3 years, so I have significant experience in this area. From socket heights to smoke alarms, extractor fans to loft lighting, I will be able to help. Even a new kitchen layout requires careful planning of the sockets and lighting if you are to seize the chance to ‘get it all right’ first time. I am happy to plan the layout of any part of the house, using the years of building experience that I amassed before I decided to concentrate on wiring alone.

Electric shower installation.

  1. Do you remember being taught that water and electricity don’t mix? Well, imagine taking a box full of electricity into the shower with you, for that is what you are doing when an electric shower is installed! The cable supplying it must be of the correct size because the unit needs so much power to heat the water. There must be a switch nearby in order to turn it off (as for a cooker). And there must be an RCD protective device in place to protect you if, for any reason, a fault occurs in the electricity supply.

  2. I’m not trying to be dramatic, but please make sure that the installer is fully qualified to fit such a potentially dangerous appliance. Use a registered electrician!

Fire alarms to BS5839: Parts 1 and 6.

  1. If you own a House of Multiple Occupancy (HMO) or have had any professional or council body tell you that you require a Fire Alarm System installed then you will need an electrician who is used to working with the planners and advisers. An electrician who will follow the detailed plans carefully and carry out all of the required testing and issue the certification to comply. I am the electrician you need.

Domestic smoke alarms.

  1. We are becoming used to the television adverts about smoke alarms. A battery alarm is better than nothing but a far safer system uses mains electricity and links all of the detectors together so that if one goes off they all go off. Such a system (known as a Grade ‘D’ system) is less prone to accidental alarms and will not require you to change the batteries every year. It is possible to fit even after the house has been decorated. Ask me about fitting one so that you and your family can sleep easily.

Fault finding.

  1. This really does rely on experience! And a good test meter.

  2. Faults can seem to have no rhyme or reason and can be sporadic. They can effect all of the sockets in the house or just one. They can cause a light to fail only two out of three times. They can be maddening! But there is always a reason for them and I have found some amazing ones- dead ants, rising damp, wallpaper paste.....

  3. I can help you get things back to normal!

Garden lighting design and installation.

  1. This, for me, is one of the most satisfying areas of electrical work. Garden lighting is skilled on two levels. Firstly, it is important to highlight the right parts of the space to make it look interesting at night. This could involve illuminating steps or a path; a textured wall or a sculpture; a specimen shrub or a dramatic tree. Secondly, it is even more important that the electricity reaches its destination safely and discreetly and that the system can be adapted in the future as new developments occur. Both elements draw on experience and technical knowledge to ensure a reliable and rewarding installation.