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telephone number 07812 000 658    email address arthur@threecore.co.uk (reaches iPhone)mailto:arthur@threecore.co.uk?subject=Request%20for%20electrical%20work/adviceshapeimage_1_link_0

The large South Kensington house is now finished, after months of work! It looks truly wonderful- go to the following link to see pictures!


I’ve just fitted a range of switches and dimmers from a Spanish company called Fontini- they’re unlike any I could find here in the UK.

Check their website at www.fontini.com and call me if you’re interested in specifying them for your next project.

I’m back from deepest Hampshire, where a customer with a newly built, undecorated, garage asked me to turn it into a suitable store for his collection of expensive cars and motorbikes. You can see the sequence of work required by following this link- GARAGE SEQUENCE.pdf. It all looks rather wonderful now and his testimonial is featured on this website!

Please scroll down to see everything on the page!

This South London Garden took a long time to turn around, but it was worth it! The lighting is so discrete you can hardly see it- except at night, of course!                            

My alter ego, as the installer of Solar Panels, has been busy again.
Be sure to check the company website at www.pvsolarinstallers.comhttp://www.pvsolarinstallers.comhttp://www.pvsolarinstallers.comshapeimage_2_link_0

Recently took a call from a customer complaining about nuisance tripping- when the power is lost for no apparent reason. Testing revealed a poor quality, overloaded, RCD device, so I replaced the old consumer unit with two new ones- giving 4 RCDs to spread the load. Check out the picture sequence here- CONSUMER UNIT CHANGE.pdf

You can follow the link here to see if your fuse board is up to the standard of the 17th Edition Wiring Regulations. If it isn’t and you want to upgrade it, give me a call or send me an email.